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Why Rest Easy For Bed Bugs

  •  Rest Easy is one of the largest brands of natural biocides in the market with sales of over 500,000 units.

  • Rest Easy Bed Bug Spray is free of toxic or synthetic chemicals such as pyrethrins.

  • Rest Easy Bed Bug Spray is based on all natural ingredients.

  • Rest Easy Bed Bug Spray meets requirements of the USDA for use around Organic Food processing.

  • Rest Easy Bed Bug Spray, due to the EPA's recognition of its ingredients' safety, meets all requirements for exemption from classical pesticide registration as having Minimum Risk. All ingredients in Rest Easy Bed Bug Spray are G.R.A.S. (generally recognized as safe).

  • Rest Easy Bed Bug Spray is an optimized blend of natural essential oils that have been recognized for controlling bed bugs for years.

  • Rest Easy Bed Bug Spray is extremely safe around children and pets, while the common pyrethrins/pyrethroids are: neurotoxins that can cause permanent nerve damage, probable endocrine disruptors (which raise the risk of birth defects), hormonal imbalances, and even leukemia.

  • Rest Easy Bed Bug Spray is HIGHLY effective, killing 90% of bedbugs within 5 seconds of contact, and the rest within 30 minutes.

  • Rest Easy Bed Bug Spray, while providing a repellency effect as long as the vapors from treatment continue to give off a cinnamon scent (up to 7 days), does not leave long-term hazardous residuals (the commonly used pyrethroids can leave hazardous residuals for longer than one year!).

  • Rest Easy Bed Bug Spray is extremely cost-effective in addressing an embarrassing and unhealthy problem.

  • Rest Easy Bed Bug Spray offers a simple-to-apply option for repetitive, effective treatments that can be used by non-professional applicators and individuals.

  • Rest Easy Bed Bug Spray has a pleasant cinnamon aroma.